Sekai Creator is proud to announce a software startup course for Shakaijin (working professionals) in Tokyo. For the last 6 years, Sekai Creator has focused on students to help build a startup. Now we have decided to roll out our flagship program for working professionals.

In this 12 week program, we will help you build a software startup from scratch and be a part of your journey to launching the business you have always dreamt of.


Target audience

People working full time / part time jobs (not students)


  • Helping you build MVP around for your early stage tech startup

  • Pitch training for you to be able to pitch your idea and your product to people

  • Pitch training for you to be able to pitch your idea and your product to investors

  • Providing readiness for building a tech startup

  • Refining your product / service to suit target market (preferably Japan)

  • Helping you “where to start”

  • Follow the principles of Lean Startup, Customer Development, Rapid Prototyping and Quick Iterations to meet market demands

  • Help you find the technical talent or develop the necessary talent yourself for your tech startup

  • The program is conducted in English


At the end of the program you’ll have

  • A tech prototype around an idea you have

  • Understanding of what it takes to build a tech startup

  • Ability to sell your product / service to get users

  • Support with launching your business (interacting with investors, entrepreneurs, co-founders, customers, partners)

What we don’t do

  • Make MVP for your startup

  • Find you investors / customers


  • The passion to pursue your idea and incrementally work towards it

  • Programming knowledge is helpful but not necessary - we will help you build basic websites and / or mobile apps using 3rd party software / support

Program Details

  • 12 weeks program, meeting bi-weekly

    • Once a week (Wednesday) after office hours (a 2 hour session)

    • Once a weekend (Saturday) (a 3 hour session)

    • Total # of hours = 24 + 36 hrs = 60 hrs

  • Pitch training and pitch sessions to improve your sales and public speaking skills

  • Final pitch night in front of investors and interested audience

  • Location: Ryozan Park, Otsuka, 2 min walk from Otsuka station on Yamanote line

Program Cost

  • 75,000¥ for early bird (Signup by April 15)

  • 95,000¥ for standard registration (Signup by May 1)

  • 111,000¥ for standard registration (Signup by May 20)