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Tokyo, Japan

learn how to create a startup in 8 weeks

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Today, whether you want to start your own company or join an existing team, everyone needs to have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

With an aging population and declining birth rate, Japan is facing many serious problems that still lack solutions. While there are many solutions to these complex problems, we believe that developing globally minded and entrepreneurial leaders is the key to Japan's future.

Sekai Creator exists to develop globally minded and entrepreneurial leaders who will bring holistic transformation and economic prosperity to Japan, and to the world. 

We believe that when passionate people are educated, challenged, and coached, they create a better world. Finding these people is our highest priority.

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The flow of an 8-week program follows the diagram above. The portion in pink is what happens after our program ends. We have 3 major checkpoints, and then a graduation/public pitch contest.

  • (week 0)| Students begin the program with an orientation session

  • (week 3)| Presentation/consulting session with external guests

  • (week 6)| Private pitch session where we select the top finalists

  • (week 8)| Graduation/Pitch contest

  • Throughout this whole process, we’re meeting every Thursday night for group coaching and working through road blocks. 


past pitches

Every student is expected to do their own venture and give a public pitch after the 8th week. In the past, students have worked in groups and as individuals. From 2017 onwards, all individual students are required to complete their own individual venture project.

Below is a sample of past pitches by alumni.




  • Personal confidence from the experience of starting a business from scratch

  • Results-based project that will stand out during job hunting

  • Improved business English communication skills and presentation organization

  • Foundational understanding of how every business works, and what drives growth

  • Ability to start new initiatives and manage existing projects

  • Experience gaining stakeholders through personal/public communication



  • Network of highly motivated and supportive peers

  • Bridge to next steps in startup community, such as incubators/accelerators

  • Meet managers that are hiring globally minded and entrepreneurial talent

  • Access to business communities in America, Africa, and Japan

  • Ongoing career development support from Sekai Creator

  • Preferred status when applying for special Sekai Creator opportunities


100% guarantee

Give us 100% effort and we promise growth

Sekai Creator is for people who are not afraid of new challenges. The goal is to grow. The goal is not to be comfortable. After working with hundreds of Japanese students, we've seen a consistent pattern of results. Students who put 100% effort into their challenges experience significant life transformation. They find and create new opportunities that allow them to achieve their dreams.

Give us 100.

We promise growth in Confidence, Competence, and Character.

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Even if you know what needs to be done, lack of confidence can lead to poor performance or no performance at all. We build confidence by requiring students to do more than just listen, learn, and plan. All students must execute and build their own venture. Going through this challenge will prepare you to overcome future challenges in any industry and location.


Passion alone is not enough. Passion will get you moving and help you gather people, but it won't get you to your final destination. You also need to learn knowledge and skills that will help you determine exactly where to go and how to get there. By the end of our course, you will understand the core structure of every business and be able to develop solutions for new business challenges.

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The world is full of strong and talented leaders, but many lack the most important thing -- character. Your values and beliefs guide your everyday actions. What purpose are you living for? Money, power, and success are not enough. People who live for the good of others have the ability to create a better world, both for themselves and for others.