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course Overview

The flow of an 8-week program follows the diagram above. The portion in pink is what happens after our program ends. We have 3 major checkpoints, and then a graduation/public pitch contest.

  • (week 0)| Students begin the program with an orientation session

  • (week 3)| Presentation/consulting session with external guests

  • (week 6)| Private pitch session where we select the top finalists

  • (week 8)| Graduation/Pitch contest

  • Throughout this whole process, we’re meeting every Thursday night for group coaching and working through road blocks.


Cost: ¥10,000 (used for mentor gifts and contest prize)

Date: 8 weeks 

Location: TOKYO, JP (Ryozan Park and Nishiogi Place)

Language: All classes and pitches are in English

Who can apply: Students in japan


past pitches

Every student is expected to do their own venture and give a public pitch after the 8th week. In the past, students have worked in groups and as individuals. From 2017 onwards, all individual students are required to complete their own individual venture project.


yuya (seattle | USA)

Yuya participated in Sekai Creator Seattle and led his team on the search for a better salon review system. His team developed a hair review platform for Asian students in Seattle.

hikaru (tokyo | JPN)

At the age of 18, Hikaru participated in Sekai Creator Tokyo and led his team to explore the unmet needs of ambitious students and SMEs. His team found a new model for meetups.

rena (seattle | USA)

Rena participated in Sekai Creator Seattle and led her team to discover the needs of local women. Her team found multiple business models resulting in $750 profit in 8 weeks, the highest record by any team.




  • Personal confidence from the experience of starting a business from scratch

  • Results-based project that will stand out during job hunting

  • Improved business English communication skills and presentation organization

  • Foundational understanding of how every business works, and what drives growth

  • Ability to start new initiatives and manage existing projects

  • Experience gaining stakeholders through personal/public communication



  • Network of highly motivated and supportive peers
  • Bridge to next steps in startup community, such as incubators/accelerators
  • Meet managers that are hiring globally minded and entrepreneurial talent
  • Access to business communities in America, Africa, and Japan
  • Ongoing career development support from Sekai Creator 
  • Preferred status when applying for special Sekai Creator opportunities