Sekai Creator was founded by Steve Sakanashi in 2012. Based in Seattle, Steve talked with Japanese exchange students at the University of Washington and discovered an ambitious group of students looking for new challenges.

After finding a simple entrepreneurship curriculum from MoneyThink, Steve worked with a core team (Akiko Tsuda, Yoshimi Hidai, & Futa Sakai) to find the most passionate Japanese students in Seattle. The core team found 9 other amazing students, Steve found philanthropic entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and the rest is history.

In 2014, Steve decided to move to Tokyo in order to expand Sekai Creator. Since then, we've been able to work with passionate students in the Tokyo area, from high schoolers to top university startups. We offer workshops related to global leadership and entrepreneurship, in addition to our 8-week Introduction to Entrepreneurship course.

We believe that when passionate people are educated, challenged, and coached, they create a better world. Finding, training, and deploying these people is our highest priority.

Sekai Creator exists to develop globally minded and entrepreneurial leaders who will bring holistic transformation and economic prosperity to Japan and the world. 

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Steve Sakanashi

Steve is responsible for vision, strategy, and course instruction. 

He has been a TEDx speaker and is co-founder of Zubits Japan. Steve is also a partner at Labs8, a Seattle based firm that helps ventures rapidly build and scale.

As a yonsei living in Japan, Steve is passionate about being a bridge for Japan and the US and enjoys serving as a mentor to TOMODACHI alumni in the Kanto region. Originally from Los Angeles and Seattle, Steve currently lives in Tokyo with his wife, Joy, and their two young sons, Isamu and Shotaro.


  Mike Ma  Founder, Labs8

Mike Ma
Founder, Labs8

  Daniel Lowndes  Northern CA Manager, Anixter Int'l

Daniel Lowndes
Northern CA Manager, Anixter Int'l

  Josh Wang  Business Development Manager, CDW

Josh Wang
Business Development Manager, CDW

  Jun Shiomitsu  Founder, African Business Institute

Jun Shiomitsu
Founder, African Business Institute