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A talk about cultural differences and the little known heroes in the west. 日本が最大限の可能性に達するために手助けをすることを目標とした団体、世界クリエイターの設立者。またシアトルで本拠地をもつベンチャー企業、Labs8(エイト)の設立パートナーであり、特に会社内の文化形成を専門としている。過去10年でロスアンゼルス、シアトル、東京でリーダーシップ育成に携わってきた。日系4世のアメリカ人である彼は、日本人学生が不安定な状況でも自らの将来を切り開けるようになることをパッションとしている。 Founder of Sekai Creator, an organization committed to helping Japan reach its full potential. He is also a founding partner at Labs8, a Seattle based venture builder, where he specializes in culture building.
While Japan continues to be one of the world's leading nations in the tech industry, the former Samurai town of Aizu-Wakamatsu is home to a handful of artisans that remain committed to their craft. An ancient tradition passed down through generations of Urushi Shokunin, the art of Urushiware is kept alive through the skill and dedication of these craftsmen. A labor of love held fast in an ever-increasingly commercialized society. Directed by: Taylor Hawkins Produced by: Steve Sakanashi Music by: Caleb Buse Title design: Charissa Bangs FEATURED ARTISANS Kijishi - Susumu Ishihara Nurishi - Toru Yoshida Makieshi - Yasutsugu Yamauchi SPECIAL THANKS Canon Marketing Japan Wataru Kainuma, Urushi Rocks https://www.urushirocks.com/ This film was shot on the Canon C300 Mark II in 4K with Canon CN-E lenses. It was graded with Koji Color in Davinci Resolve.