Why is this whole website black and white?


People often ask me why our website is black and white. Some people find it interesting, others find it annoying. After five years, I've decided to make the reason public.

When we first made our website back in 2012, I wanted to communicate visually in a way that was distinct and true to our identity. One of the things I was really inspired by at the time was how rich Japan's history of entrepreneurship was. 

That might seem like a strange thing to say since everyone always talks about how Japan is not entrepreneurially, but it's the truth. 

I was inspired by reading the biographies of great globally minded entrepreneurs like Kiichiro Toyoda, Soichiro Honda, Konosuke MatsushitaAkio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. The one thing they all had in common?

Black and white. 


I wanted to make sure that everything we built with Sekai Creator had an inherent connection to entrepreneurs from every part of history. Black and white is the common denominator. Past, present, and future generations can blend together through this medium.

We can put a picture of Kiichiro Toyoda next to a picture of our students and you would have to look closely to see the difference. That's the goal. We are not different, at least in spirit.

Whenever I see our website in black and white, it's a reminder to me that even in the 21st century, we are just continuing the global and entrepreneurial spirit that has always existed here in Japan.

Steve Hiroshi Sakanashi