Someone told you to come here but you're not sure what Sekai Creator is about?


Since we do not have the time to set up a personal interview with everyone, we require an introduction video (2-3 minutes). Please record a video of yourself, telling us who you are and why you want to be in Sekai Creator. This is an important opportunity for you to stand out from other applicants. Make an impression on us!

Applications are open from july 8th to october 2nd (11:59pm)

This form is long, so it's wise to save your answers in another document first. Then copy and paste it here. =)

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Please provide a download URL for your 2-3 minute video introduction about who you are and why you want to be in Sekai Creator.
Briefly tell us about 2-3 of you biggest strengths.
This is like a resume, except we only care about things you've done that have challenged you. Tell us about the experiences you are most proud of, or the things that taught you the most.
This is your chance to stand out from other applicants. We only have 12 spots. Why do you want one?
This course is all about finding problems and developing solutions. What are some of the things you care about or are really interested in? Are there any specific problems you currently see that you would want to work on?
If someone told you, please tell us their name. We want to say thank you. Or, if you heard about us some other way, please let us know!
Not required, but this is your chance if you have anything!